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Christmas Pilates Mat Routine

December 13, 2014 — Derrick Cope

-Part 1

As promised here is part 1 of the exercises to practice during Christmas. The are generally for beginners but should keep you mobile and light through the Holiday Season. Part 2 is coming soon!

Mat Exercises

  1. Ex1. Dead Bugs -Inhale and Exhale with the pelvic movement. Finish in the center.
  2. Ex2. Bridging -Exhale as you curl up to the brigde. Inhale and pause.
  3. Ex3. Shoulder Organization -Inhale to roll shoulder in and up. Exhale to roll them back.
  4. Ex4. Single Leg Dropout -Exhale and allow one leg to lower toward the ground. Keep the pelvis stable.
  5. Ex5. Dead Bugs -Exhale to touch one foot to the ground. Maintain the pelvis stable.
  6. Ex6. Assisted Rollup -Exhale to curl the head, neck, and shoulders off the ground. Push into the hands to sit up.
  7. Ex7. Single Leg Stretch -Exhale to pull the bent leg into the chest and stretch the straight leg to the ground. Inhale to change legs keeping the pelvis stable.
  8. Ex8. Roll Up -Inhale to lift arms up. Exhale to roll to a forward sitting position. Inhale straighten the spine. Exhale to return to supine.
  9. Ex9. Single Leg Circle -Exhale to circle leg in and away. Inhale to return out and up. Reverse directions.
  10. Ex10. The Hundreds -Exhale to roll up head, neck, and shoulders, reach arms forward. Pump arms 5 times with inhale and exhale. Return to supine after 10 sets. note:the traditional exercise is with straight legs.
  11. To be in the Christmas spirit of giving, if you send me a picture of you doing Pilates over the holiday, I will give you a free class!

    See you in 2015!


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