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Christmas Pilates Mat Routine 2

December 25, 2014 — Derrick Cope

-Part 2

This post is a little late but here it is!

Mat Exercises

  1. Ex1. Side Lying -Inhale as the knee comes forward exhale as it goes back. Keep the torso quiet.
  2. Ex2. Side Plank -With your elbow beneath your shoulder, exhale to lift into side plank.
  3. Ex3. Mermaid -Inhale to elongate and exhale to side bend into the rainbow stretch.
  4. Ex4. Swan prep -Lying prone, inhale to curl up the head neck and shoulders.
  5. Ex5. Single Leg Kick -Inhale to bend the knee and flex the foot. Exhale to straighten the leg and lift the thigh. Maintain the pelvis stable.
  6. Ex6. Swan I -Exhale to curl straightening the arms. The spine should be in a uniform arc, eyes level.
  7. Ex7. Double Leg Kick -Inhale to bend both legs. Exhale to straighten arms and leg while lifting chest.
  8. Ex8. Scissor -Exhale to rollover, balance on shoulders. Scissor legs symmetrically.
  9. Ex9. Standing Roll Down -Exhale roll down toward toes. Pause for an inhale before returning to vertical.
  10. To see the exercises pictures please go to our Blog

    In the Christmas spirit of giving, if you send me a picture of you doing Pilates over the holiday, I will give you a free class!

    See you in 2015!


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